Getting started on my “real” blog

This past year+ I have been blogging on my workplace blog at TIE, which has been a great experience. While TIE has given us quite a bit of leeway for blogging, I do find I hold back on many ideas because some topics may be “edgy” enough or laced enough with personal opinion that the organization may not deem it appropriate for their blog (more by my own restrictions than theirs). Deep down I know some ideas, thoughts, and concepts could at the very least be thought-provoking or, even better, action-provoking for others–yet the hesitance usually wins.

Then I read Will Richardson’s blog
Weblogg-ed » My Blogging Legacy

I think that dream brought to light another aspect of why I blog. Not just to reflect. Not just to learn. But in some small way to leave a trail for those who come after me. I certainly can’t predict to what extent those people might find any of this relevant or compelling or useful, but I know I would love to have the chance to dig through the work of my own mother, to learn about her more deeply, to understand who she was and what she stood for. If nothing else, my kids will have that opportunity.

While I have no delusions of having a following anywhere near the Will Richardson’s of the world, I do think his words prodded me to realize it is time to express myself more deeply than the work blog allows. Thanks for the nudge, Will!

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