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iOS 5 Potential and Accessibility Features for Classrooms

I am participating with the Apple Academy this week held in Cupertino. While I have learned much in just the first day, I will share two things that I look forward to for classroom implementation: potential iOS 5 features and the current iOS 4 accessibility features. Let’s start with the future: while I have been…

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Finding Apps and Staying Current with iPad and Android

So most of us have read articles that list “The 10 Best Apps for…” or “My Favorite Apps to…” There are hundreds out there, many listed in my list of bookmarks (so what do you call a list of lists?) Several sessions here at the ISTE Conference provide great suggestions for apps (e.g. What’s Your App? Finding Real…

Schools: Pay Attention to the New Hacker & Cyberbullying Tool Firesheep

Firesheep has garnered much attention in tech circles. The developer, by releasing this Firefox extension, is nudging web service providers to fix a problem that has been known but ignored for years. Services like Facebook depend on cookies to maintain connections with users, and Firesheep easily intercepts these cookies to take over someone else’s session….