Random Tips & Tricks: Web Tools, iOS, Mac

I am working with a dynamite group of people at Apple Academy, all with great ideas and energy. When in info overload, it takes time to sort and organize. Since I don’t have the time, here flows random thoughts:

  • Use dotEPUB to convert any web page or article and save it as an iBook document: http://dotepub.com (Irene)
  • In Wikipedia, under Print/Export, choose Create a Book to combine articles into a book that can be saved as a pdf and/or ibook (Margaret)
  • In Quicktime, choose screen recorder and choose built in microphone to create a screencast (Kevin)
  • Apple has a website to help educators find apps http://www.apple.com/education/apps/
  • You can combine a green screen clip with another scene or clip in iMovie; you can even “crop” to the green screen if it doesn’t fill the full camera view.
  • On iPad iMovie, split long clip with a downstroke
  • On Mac iMovie, move clips up with 3-finger swipe
  • Choose Annotate in Preview to draw on screenshots or pics
  • Select text, then choose Add iTunes as Spoken Track from the application menu to make an audio recording of the article. Copy and past the text of the article into the Lyrics portion of the track so students can view the article while reading.
  • Apps worth checking out: http://www.shmoop.com/ (Eric) and Reading A to Z (irene) or Lit2Go
  • When you open the Mac application Calculator, click the green window expansion dot to get extra features
  • Math teachers can animate a 3D representation of an equation and save it as a movie in the Mac application Grapher
  • You can learn more about Apple’s Challenge-Based Learning projects at http://apple.com/education/challenge-based-learning
  • Create epub ebooks including text, pics, video clips in Pages by Exporting and dragging into iTunes Books to sync to the iPad
  • Interesting web app: http://chalk.37signals.com

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