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iOS 5 Potential and Accessibility Features for Classrooms

I am participating with the Apple Academy this week held in Cupertino. While I have learned much in just the first day, I will share two things that I look forward to for classroom implementation: potential iOS 5 features and the current iOS 4 accessibility features. Let’s start with the future: while I have been…


Linux Is Ready for Education, But Education Isn’t Ready for Linux

Over the years I have been an on-again, off-again user of Linux. I find Linux so interesting, but in my mind it has been hard to embrace it as an operating systems for mainstream users. Of particular problem has been installing or making any changes to software configurations and making Linux work with available hardware….


21st Century Schooling Just Isn’t Good Enough–I Think Not

Don’t get me wrong, I really did enjoy Alfie Kohn’s When 21st-Century Schooling Just Isn’t Good Enough. His whimsical treatment of the Friedman “The World is Flat” mentality is dead on: First, it signifies an emphasis on competitiveness. Even those who talk about 21st-century schools invariably follow that phrase with a reference to “the need…