Google Earth Adds Astronomy Feature

With this new feature, users can now view heavenly objects, including stars, constellations, galaxies, planets and the Earth’s moon within Google Earth (GE), based on the user’s current location on earth within the software. GE also provides additional visual/text information within the Layers panel, including Constellations, Backyard Astronomy, Hubble Showcase, The Moon, The Planets, User’s Guide to Galaxies, and Life of a Star.

Considering the cost (free), Google Earth is an amazingly robust educational tool–a tool that can be used with just about any content area, particularly social studies and science. Tech coordinators around South Dakota should make this tool an absolute must-install for all educational computers.

Viewing the Sky – Google Earth User Guide

It has been reported that the latest version of Google Earth has a flight simulator easter egg that is accessible by pressing Ctrl-Alt-A.

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