Live Session 0 Introduction

Prior to the session, please review

Also read You Can Find Research that Proves Anything

Lennie’s Introduction of the Course

I will describe some of the important elements of the course, including:

  • organization of the 3 units:
    • books
    • readings/viewings
    • Activities
    • Assignments (including my feedback process for most assignments)
  • PL Framework
  • Foundational Concepts sections
  • Motivation sections
  • the Flexible Instruction tool

Being Successful in the Course

Read the Tips page before the live session, including the videos:

This video explains how I use this feedback structure:

This video explains the impact of providing scores with instructional comments (particularly pay attention 2:30-6:00):

Introduce Yourself Using Learner Agency

Review the first part of activity U1FoundConcepts with the Learner Agency Concept paper |  LA Reflection Tool. Focus on Learner Agency at a personal level—in other words, take this opportunity to play the learner, like the learners in your classroom. Reflect on your own personal learner agency during this course: what learner agency aspects will you personally try to focus on and improve within yourself as a learner this summer? Be ready to share with the group.

Foundational Concepts Discussion

What Hattie influences (and their corresponding effect sizes) would directly support personalized teaching strategies?

Article Review

Let’s compare notes on Orchestrating the Move to Student-Driven Learning

Using USF Library–>Database for Educational Articles

A walkthrough to finding current articles via USF library database. Tonight’s focus will be the Educational Leadership journal from ASCD.

Find an article from 2022 you will share at the next LiveSession (one exception: articles from Nov 22–we read that as a group later). Record that article on the:
Class Shared Spreadsheet

What Unit 1 book are you reading?