Class Shared Spreadsheet

Mastery Grading Discussion

From the Grading page, read the Effective Grading Practices article, watch the Grades and Class Rankings video and the two Transition to Mastery Grading videos. Be able to answer the questions:

How is Mastery Grading a tougher grade than traditional grading? How is it different than pass/fail?

What practices of grading do we need to change?

Why change the traditional grading system–why not just leave it alone?

Article/Podcast Jigsaw

Let’s share thoughts about these articles you signed up for on Class Shared Spreadsheet

Feedback Discussion

Watch the videos in the Feedback page. Be able to answer the questions:

What are the characteristics of an “expert” vs “not an expert” in assessment? (Video: Effective Feedback)

What are we looking for in feedback on student practice? (Video: Feedback Lens)

Book Share

Tell others about your book from Unit 2.

Motivation Discussion

Watch the videos from the Motivation page. Be able to answer the following questions:

What are the 3 “nutrients” to intrinsic motivation?

What are examples of Rewards in a classroom setting?

What problems do Performance Contingent Rewards present?

Why does Task Involvement vs Ego Involvement matter to us as educators?

Lennie – Tech Trend

Creating a knowledge base using Markdown files and software like Obsidian and Netnewswire

Flexible curriculum

Explanation & questions