Here is the Flexible Learning Planning Guide

Watch these 4 videos below on flexible instruction:

Flexible Instruction: Overview

Flexible Instruction: Modes of Instruction

View this video Flexible Instruction: Feedback Lens (also found in U2Feedback Page)

Flexible Instruction: Learner Agency Lens

View the video Flexible Instruction: Choice Lens

Concerning the assignment, here is I am looking for from the four sections to the template:

Options: the first section is for you to find various resources to use with learners during their work in the learning topic. These resources can be set up to give learners options for choice or options for teachers. (Note this section tries to coach you to a variety of resources, not just videos–I am looking for a breadth of resources). While the template lists the resources,  your paper should address how you set up the resources for choice with learners and options for you as the instructor ( see my choice video). A traditional approach assumes a single path—can you set up the resources so there can be some varying paths for learners?

FYI, there is another page on choice in unit 3, so it might be helpful to peek ahead, especially Josh’s video. 

Instruction for varied pace: a traditional approach would look at whole class instruction with everyone marching together at the same time. In this template I am looking at how you approach instruction if you can’t depend on whole class instruction as the primary vehicle. Assume that learners with be coming into this unit at different times, so address how do you handle the initial instruction, and further instruction throughout the unit: flipped, outside videos, readings, small group instruction, etc. The paper should go into detail how instruction is delivered at the various stages of the unit.

Feedback: As addressed in the video, how do you approach feedback with each of the different stages of the instructional process—initial instruction, practice, project/application, demonstration of mastery? What mode is the feedback (is it just a score or something else)? How does the feedback help the learners know what to do next? How do they know they are ready for the next stage? Your paper should describe these feedback issues.

Learner Agency: while the template lists the agency attributes, your paper should describe how the structure of the whole unit supports those attributes. Will you do explicit instruction on the learner agency skills? How will students know they applied these skills and have made progress? Your paper should explain these areas.