Unit 3 Activity 2
Powerful Foundational Concepts for Customized Learning

  1. Personalized Look-Fors: Read Instructional Look Fors | Other Lindsay/Summit Documents  *
  2. Mindsets: Read the article Mindsets and Equitable Education 

[Continued from Unit 1:

        1. Learner Agency: Examine closely the Learner Agency Concept paper

        2. Visible Learning: Explore Hattie’s Visible Learning Influences Chart | Visible Learning Tool

Instructional Look-Fors



Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset

An important aspect of customized learning is developing Growth Mindset with teachers/facilitators and learners. Carol Dweck is most well-known for this work, and the article above is a great summary of the concept with references of supporting research.

Again, you will be studying this more in future courses, but it is important to be aware of the concept to lay very important foundations for successful implementation of customized learning.


*As an FYI, Summit School District created an online curriculum site: https://summitlearning.org