Understanding Motivation Unit 1

Understanding motivation of learners (and adults) is key to success in schools, particularly with when trying to implement learner agency and personalized learning. Psychology and cognitive science has revealed whole new worlds of learning in the last few years, and as we learn more we find much of what we do in traditional education is outdated.

Each unit has a section on Understanding Motivation. This unit starts with 3 video to explain the core components to motivation.

After you watch the videos below, complete the DidIGetIt assignment in the Unit 1 coursework.

The Puzzle of Motivation TedTalk (Daniel Pink author of Drive)

Self Determination Theory (SDT) – Overview

SDT – Rewards

SDT – Performance Contingent Rewards

For those who wish to learn more about intrinsic motivation, these two books are a good place to start (not required for this course):

Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us by Daniel H. Pink ISBN:9781101524381
Self-Determination Theory Basic Psychological Needs in Motivation, Development, and Wellness Richard M. Ryan Edward L. Deci Epub Edition ISBN: 9781462528783; Kindle Edition ISBN: 9781462528790

  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2 (only the section on Piagetian Theory)
  • Chapter 3 (only the sections on Perceived Locus of Causality PLOC)
  • Chapter 4 (only the section on Three Basic Psychological Needs)
  • Chapter 6 The Effects of Rewards, Feedback, and Other External Events on Intrinsic Motivation
  • Chapter 7 Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Processes Affecting Intrinsic Motivation
  • Chapter 10 Basic Psychological Needs Theory Satisfaction and Frustration of Autonomy, Competence, and Relatedness
  • Chapter 11 Goal Contents Theory Aspirations, Life Goals
  • Chapter 14 Schools as Contexts for Learning and Social Development