Class Shared Spreadsheet

Prior to this session,
1) find an article (using the library–>database–>Ebscohost) from Educational Leadership journal Jan-May 2022 to share with the group
2) compose some bullet points about your unit 1 book to share
3) review Unit 1 activities so you can discuss:

U1Framework – Personalized/Customized Framework for Change
U1Standards – Rethinking Curriculum Standards
U1Motivation – Understanding Motivation (for Unit 1)
Watch the Flexible Instruction Overview

Housekeeping items

  • Assignment Redos
  • Handling the “Tell me other things you learned not covered by my questions—what other ideas did this/these reading(s) generate for you?” questions 
  • Hattie
  • Learner Agency

Unit 1 Book Jigsaw

Tell each other insights you have learned from reading your book so far.

Rethinking Standards/Curriculum Structures

In what ways has the pandemic made this curriculum structure more viable?

Why would schools resist changing to this curriculum structure?

Motivation Discussion

What are some classroom integration strategies for each of the three “nutrients” of SDT?

Autonomy, Competence (Mastery), Relatedness (Purpose)

What reward practices do we have to rethink based on what SDT teaches us about intrinsic motivation and rewards?

Article Jigsaw

What article from recent Educational Leadership did you find and want to share?

Framework Discussion

Focus on the Choice/Pace structures:

Flexible Instruction

What Unit 2 book do you plan to read?

Class Shared Spreadsheet